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Are jackalopes real?

Yes, if you happen to be in Colorado. That’s where I found a bottle of Jackalope Gin, made by Peach Street Distillers of Palisade, on the western slope. It’s a traditional juniper-forward gin, thanks to the several varieties of locally grown, hand-picked juniper berries used to make it. Coriander, angelica (a parsley-like herb), oris root (iris root), licorice, cassia (cinnamon) bark and lemon and lime zest round out the flavor profile. Peach Street’s just one of more than a dozen craft distillers in Colorado making tasty but sadly hard to come by spirits, so I was glad to find a bottle. Now back home, I need to make a Berbiglia run—the Martini Corner location carries Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a well-reviewed small batch whiskey that retails for about $55. It could be just what I need to keep the vacation mood going.