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The ‘life’ part of FoodDrinkLife

Life’s good these days, but it’s left me precious little time for blogging. Maybe you noticed? No? I’m not surprised. Your life is probably more hectic than mine. As soon as school let out, the pace picked up—swimming lessons, summer theater, preparing for the 4H fair, family reunions, attempting to keep at least the fruit… Continue Reading

In season: lavender

Lavender is one of my favorite flowers, but I can never quite decide what to do with it. Dry it and use it in a lamb rub? Or sew it into sachets, like my friends at Washington Creek Lavender do? But it’s so lovely fresh. This year, the scent sent me to my cocktail books,… Continue Reading

Botanical bartending

There’s nothing new about bartenders using herbs. But no one does it quite like Chris Conatser of Justus Drugstore. That’s why a handful of Kansas City’s bartenders—many of them members of the KC Bartenders’ Guild, a newly formed chapter of the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild—trekked up to Paradise, Mo., earlier this week for Conatser’s take on… Continue Reading

In season: wild gooseberries

So, were the wild gooseberries worth fighting prickles, poison ivy, ticks and locust thorns for? Absolutely. The season, like everything this year, came on early. Suddenly gooseberries were everywhere. We picked as many as we could stand picking, grateful that Ribes missouriense is a friendlier berry than the Sierra gooseberries Hank Shaw describes as “nasty,… Continue Reading

Bitter flashback

Bitter’s big in the cocktail world these days, and store shelves are now crowded with all manner of amari. So I was tickled to see my old friend Sanbitter top Imbibe’s list of 50 Most Notable Drinks of the Moment. The vivid red Italian aperitif is happily non-alcoholic, and it saw me through my pregnant… Continue Reading