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Anchor Brewing’s Next Chapter

It’s hard to imagine Anchor Brewing without Fritz Maytag. He launched America’s microbrewing movement and was recently named one of the founding fathers of U.S. whiskey by Food & Wine magazine. But times move on, and so has Maytag. He sold Anchor in late April to The Griffin Group, a beverage investment and consulting company,… Continue Reading

At Death’s Door

What is white whiskey? Moonshine? White dog? No, it’s whiskey, albeit a very young one. Death’s Door will soon be on shelves in KCMO, and it’s well worth seeking out. Continue Reading

St. George Alchemy

I’ve long appreciated Hangar One’s artisanal vodka, both the straight and flavored versions. The Mandarin Blossom’s floral character comes from real mandarin orange blossoms, the raspberry vodka smells like a bramble patch in the heat of summer because they macerate whole raspberries in the spirit, not just the juice or a concocted flavoring. It’s real… Continue Reading