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At the Bar: JJ’s Restaurant

Settling into the bar at JJ’s Restaurant  near the Plaza always prompts this question: Why don’t I come here more often? The bar looks just as it should, polished wood, curving around shelves stocked ceiling-high with about every good liquor you might want. The bartenders act just as they should, as welcoming and knowledgeable as… Continue Reading

Meeting Mezcal

Mezcal. I’d read about it, but never given it much thought. Even after Doug Frost opined about its smokey richness back in, oh, 2007 or so. Even after Saveur published a killer article about it in 2009. Even after Ryan Maybee stocked Manifesto’s bar with it, and Beau Williams earned second place with his mezcal-based… Continue Reading

Holiday hiatus ends in NYC

My cocktailing went on holiday hiatus amid the baking, bows and boxes of Christmas. Sure, there was the odd glass of rum-spiked eggnog, but I was largely out of drinkin’ mode. That all ended with last week’s trip to New York, ostensibly to cheer on the Kansas State Wildcats in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl. Slogging… Continue Reading